• The Perfect Insight. the Perfect Form.

    Data Analysis Visualisation Challenge 2016

    June 16, 2016

  • University of new brunswick's 

     Faculty of business administration

    present the Masters of Business Administration's 

    Analytics and data visualisation challenge 2016

    #DataJam2016 #MBA #UNB

  • Open data will lead to a more connected and engaged society.

  • During the past seven weeks students enrolled in MBA 6193 worked towards developing the necessary skills to visualize, analyze and communicate data in the perfect form.

    Applying the fundamentals of graphic design to the visualization of data through hands-on projects involving the creation of graphs, charts, maps, and infographics students discovered how to explore, understand, predict, and present complex data in an effective way.

  • It is not just about presenting figures, it is about presenting a story.

  • UNB MBA students interested in infograhics and data visualizations showcased their best visualizations of open data provided by the city of fredericton.

    Students crafted their visualizations, story, and analysis from open data on water usage, parking, and recreation services provided by the City of Fredericton in conjunction with other open data sets. 

  • presenting the winners of unb mba's analytics and data visualization challenge 2016

  • Grand Prize - Sponsored by Ignite fredericton

    Heidi Erdle, Leah Cain, and Eddie Kiiru

    Examined the link between on water usage and property value in Fredericton.

  • Second Prize - Sponsored by the faculty of business administration

    Jessica Stutt, Mario Tiozzo, and Scott Yorke

    Examined the link between water conservation and craft beer